CAA Referral Form

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is the System Planner for Calgary’s Homeless Serving System of Care. Through collaboration and a collective impact approach, CHF is a leader within Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness. All CHF-funded Housing First program referrals go through the Coordinated Access & Assessment (CAA) program coordinated by CHF with Access and Assessment provided by the CAA Team at SORCe. If you are working with an individual that you believe would be a fit into the Homeless Serving System of Care please complete the following and you will be contacted by a Housing Strategist in regards to next steps. Not all referrals will enter the CAA triage list for entry into Housing-First programs and this will be determined with you based on the following information as a pre-screen method for CAA.

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Please complete all areas and submit to CAA Mobile:

Fax: 403-428-3322 Cell: 403-6008-5559