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CHF Property Tour: It’s all about collaboration

Posted July 21st, 2014
All Aboard the bus!

All Aboard the bus!

Friday, July 18th was a perfect day for a tour of CHF properties. The day dawned bright and sunny, the air was warm and filled with excitement and fun and laughter as 20 CHFers and 5 members of the RESOLVE Campaign team climbed onto a big yellow school bus at 8:30 in the morning. Their mission, to visit 11 of CHF’s existing properties  and 3 sites of proposed new developments.

In a recent media interview, Diana Krecsy, CEO & President of CHF, who was also on the tour, made the following comment: ” Housing is not the end of the journey for the people we serve. HOME is where their story begins”. 

 And HOME is where the bus tour took everyone on Friday. Because that’s where homelessness ends, at HOME.

It was a CHF team-member who put it most succinctly, ” For a brief second I thought I should stay at my desk today and get caught up- it’s a busy time for us- but then I thought, NO. I wanted to be reminded of what the paper work on my desk really MEANS”. 

In her comments after the tour on Friday, Diana Krecsy wrote,

“As professionals, we often toss around words and concepts like “meaningful work, team work, and a positive office culture” like NOUNS when in truth these words and concepts are VERBS.  Its not only what we do that matters but how we do it! Work identities took a back seat to our true identities. After our initial intros (HMIS, Contracts, Housing, Finance, Resolve, Communications, Business, Programs ‎etc..) the day became about OUR CLIENTS. The passion, breadth and depth of talent, knowledge sharing and commitment to mission that I saw and felt on the Bus today, from ALL of YOU,  truly impacted me. ‎I’m in awe of what all of you as a collective have already achieved and am inspired by what we will continue to achieve in the future. Most of the individuals on the tour hadn’t been on a school bus in years but feeling the camaraderie of colleagues, CHF and RESOLVE, boarding the bus with anticipation and excitement; hearing the jokes; joining in on the laughter ; and doing “drive bys and look/listen/learn segments” was fantastic. On the bus were like- minded PEOPLE , all going in the same direction.”

CHF may be driving the bus, but it is the hard-work, commitment, dedication and focus of agency partners who stand at the front lines and make it possible for all of us to keep steering the bus in the right direction. Thanks to them, along with government support, and all our stakeholders we are able to stay on the road to ending homelessness.

Ending homelessness is a community affair. It takes all of us working together. It takes our collective commitment to ensuring everyone finds their way home to make it happen.

Special thanks to Paul Stanton for his incredible organizational skills as well as Matt Vermunt who also played a  role in putting the tour together.  And thank you  to everyone else who assisted behind the scenes, your hard work, coordination, planning and sharing of information ensured that everyone could re-connect in a tangle way with our goal of ending homelessness.


Click HERE to view a list of properties toured and a brief description of each property.

The CHF Agency Referral List rev July 2014 provides a list of Agencies, Programs and contact. For immediate assistance, please call 211 or go to the SORCe centre on the City Hall LRT Platform 316 7th Ave SE – open Mon. through Fri. from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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