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Housing First Saves Money!

Posted September 20th, 2013

Moving a person from homelessness to housing with support provides stability. From that place, each person has the opportunity to make changes to improve the quality of their life. Those changes are often felt in ways the individual and the community at large never imagined.

When we reviewed the data on the costs of housing 72 high acuity individuals for a year, we found that while it cost almost double to house someone within our most intensive support programs ($10k/yr in a shelter vs $18K/yr housing with supports), the cost savings in systems use were greater than we imagined. When each individual was homeless, we found that the average cost/person to use public systems was $46,000/yr (with 90% attributed to hospitalizations and the remaining $5,000 EMS, ER visits and justice system interactions). Post housing, public system costs dropped to $3,000/year. Which means, housing these individuals saved taxpayers nearly $2.5 million (annual average saving of $34,000/person).

cost benefits of housing first

 To read the News Release and Full Report and remarks by CEO & President, John Rook at the AGM, click HERE.  

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