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Statoil Creates Home After Homelessness

Posted August 30th, 2013

Dan’s daughter is all smiles with a room of her own

Moving house can be a stressful. Moving from a homeless shelter to a home can be even more daunting if you don’t own any furniture to fill your home. Thanks to an incredible donation from Statoil, people moving from shelter into apartments were given gently used, almost new furniture. Statoil generously offered the Calgary Homeless Foundation furniture used by expats in Calgary. With a list of soon-to-be-occupied apartments on hand, the furniture was delivered by Statoil’s movers to delighted tenants and agencies throughout the city.

Staff Member George smiles as Statoil donation arrives

One such recipient was Dan and his ten-year-old daughter. After months of living in a family shelter, they were ready to move into an apartment but had no possessions to furnish their new home. Receiving Statoil’s gift reinforced their sense of being connected to a community that cares.  Dan and his daughter give back to their new community by working in the community garden and supporting other tenants in their building.

Keys to Recovery is an agency that provides housing and support to previously homeless adults recovering from addictions. Thanks to Statoil, the agency was able to completely furnish five units with furniture and accessories. 

Thank you Statoil for your generosity.

You’ve helped create more than just a place to call home, you’ve helped to instill dignity and beauty in the lives of many.


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