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Voices of Experience: Listening to client feedback

Posted November 6th, 2013

The client voice is a critical piece in the overall assessment of program performance in the homeless sector.  In addition, the client voice is essential in identifying needs and gaps in our system of care.  The client voice provides a reflection of the impact and effectiveness of social agency services as well as an important benchmark to identify needs and gaps in programs and service delivery.

 In 2013, all CHF funded programs were invited to participate in the administration of a satisfaction survey with clients in their respective programs.  In total, 23 CHF funded programs supported the process resulting in 486 clients voluntarily completing the survey.  The survey focused on the experiences of clients being served in CHF funded programs in the areas of case management, program supports, housing, community activities and information gathering, and included a section on their reflections of their personal well-being since exiting homelessness. With 90 programs now contributing to HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) and over 486 client surveys completed, the data demonstrates the high-caliber of work being done by our partner agencies and the impact of housing first on meeting the goals of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Of the 486 clients that completed the survey:

  • 90.5% indicated they are treated with respect by their case manager
  • 81.9% indicated that their case manager was non-judgemental
  • 84.7% indicated they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their current housing
  • 94.7% indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of case mgmt. they receive
  • 60.9% indicated they were confident or very confident they would not return to homelessness
  • 51.2% indicated that sharing their personal information with other agencies would be beneficial

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