Become a volunteer

The advantages of volunteering are many. Your time helps us move towards our goal of ending homelessness, but it also does wonders for everyone involved when a fresh face arrives to lend a hand. Plus, it shows those experiencing homelessness that they aren’t alone, raising their spirits and giving them hope.

We appreciate the help of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers for special projects that will help end homelessness in Calgary. Volunteers are invaluable to CHF as well as the many organizations and agencies we work with.

Volunteering opportunities you may be interested in:

  • Check out the list of our funded agencies that you can volunteer with.
  • Many agencies are part of I Heart Home, a campaign to increase public awareness of homelessness. The website lists agencies seeking volunteers.
  • You can also register for individual volunteer opportunities through Propell:us.

One more thing. Not only will volunteering help end homelessness, it is going to make you feel fantastic! Try it. You’re going to love having an impact on people’s lives.