Research and Data

With improved knowledge, we can advocate for changes in mainstream systems and public policy, improve the overall system of care and services and ensure progress toward Calgary’s Plan goals. In addition, we can share our knowledge with other cities to support their efforts towards ending homelessness.

Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) is gaining an international reputation as a leading contributor to applied homelessness research, while also establishing itself as a partner on some of the world’s most important research on homelessness. Making evidence-based decisions and planning based on research is a key tenet of CHF’s role as System Planner for Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care. A key ingredient to this approach has been the Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) which we are constantly looking to expand and enhance.


Homelessness Research Symposium

Our Biennial Homelessness Research Symposium is two days packed full of innovative ideas and ingenious methodology. This event showcases recent local research and translates it into improved practice, which helps us to identify gaps in knowledge, and discuss possible directions for future research. Come join us and discover how we are all transforming Research to Action!

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The Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative

Join the Calgary Homeless Foundation and The School of Public Policy for Data That Makes a Difference, our Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative. At this event we are seeking to answer how our collective data can be used to produce better, more accurate results to inform the allocation of resources and end homelessness in our communities! Come discover how data can be used to make a difference!

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