One of CHF’s key roles is to initiate, coordinate and collaborate on research directed to ending homelessness. A solid foundation of knowledge means we can refocus resources to improve the overall system of care and services that bring people home.

This research blog focuses specifically on research related content.

Ten things to know about Canada’s guaranteed annual income debate

By:  Nick Falvo, Ph.D., Director, Research and Data, CHF The possibility of implementing a Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) is currently one of the hottest topics in Canadian social policy.  It gained momentum earlier this year when the Ontario government announced it would undertake a pilot study of the GAI.  And in June, the Ontario government / Read More

Our Position On the National Housing Strategy

Posted September 7th, 2016

The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) supports a National Housing Strategy and is grateful for the opportunity to provide input. We strongly believe that for the Strategy to be an effective tool to further the vision of ending homelessness, it needs to provide specific measures to address the specialized needs for housing with supports for vulnerable / Read More

Ten things to know about central agencies in Canada

By:  Nick Falvo, Ph.D., Director, Research and Data, CHF From time to time, voluntary sector leaders—and advocates in general—come up with ideas for new spending and new social programs.  When they do this, they often focus too much on influencing elected officials, and too little on influencing senior public servants.  What’s more, it’s important that / Read More

The role of sharing data in ending homelessness

First Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative By: Nick Falvo On May 4, 2016, approximately 40 people attended the First Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative, sponsored in Calgary by the Calgary Homeless Foundation and the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy.  Those attending included government officials, researchers and students.  Here are 10 things to / Read More