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Information is vital to end homelessness, so CHF does considerable research about homelessness and makes that research available to all stakeholders. In addition to the blog posts here, check out our resources section for more.

Ten Things To Know About The 2017 Federal Budget

By Nick Falvo, PhD Nick Falvo is Director of Research and Data at the Calgary Homeless Foundation. On March 22, the Trudeau government tabled its 2017 budget. Titled “Building a Strong Middle Class,” it proposes $305 billion in federal program spending for the 2017-18 fiscal year. I consider this the most important federal budget for / Read More

The Federal Role in Poverty Reduction

By: Nick Falvo, Janice Chan, and Chidom Otogwu Nick Falvo Ph.D, is the Director of Research and Data at the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF). Janice Chan is a System Planner at CHF. Chidom Otogwu is a HMIS Specialist at CHF. — To understand homelessness in Canada, it’s important to understand the relationship between poverty and homelessness. / Read More