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"Over a year, about 16,000 people use a Calgary shelter." Research conducted by the Calgary Homeless Foundation and discussed in it's 2010 Strategic Review.

"At least 40% of people (in shelter) are employed." Source: DI survey of clients in 2007. Reported in Mean Streets – Sheldon Chumir

"About $100,000 per year is spent on each person in homelessness." Numerous studies indicate that a long-term or frequently homeless person costs  $100,000 or more in emergency and support services. Studies are available here.

"From 1994 - 2006, Calgary had the fastest growing homeless population in Canada." The City of Calgary conducted homeless counts every 2 years. Results show that the homeless population increased 20 - 30% each time.

"21% of the homeless population are children and youth." The Summer 2012 Point-In-Time Homeless Count, conducted by the CHF and community, showed that 21% of those counted were 24 or younger. Read more.

"More than 4,000 people have received housing and support since Calgary's 10 Year Plan began." This is based on the CHF's 2012 Annual Report. The CHF is responsible for compiling and reporting this data on behalf of Calgary's homeless-serving system.

Learn More pages:

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