What We Do

In line with the strategies in Calgary’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness, the Calgary Homeless Foundation works with the homeless-serving community in the following areas:

Affordable Housing

To effectively end homelessness, affordable housing with the proper support must be a priority. The CHF focuses on providing housing to the most vulnerable, and works with frontline agencies to provide case management support to tenants.
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Programs Support

The CHF directs funding to local agencies for prevention and re-housing programs, in order to develop a homeless-serving system that ensures Calgarians at risk of or experiencing homelessness have the support they need to achieve and maintain housing stability.
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Research & Policy

The 10 Year Plan calls for improved data and systems knowledge, in order to inform the evolution of the 10 Year Plan, reform mainstream systems, improve the homeless-serving system, and guide and measure progress of homeless-serving agencies working on the Plan.
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System Planning

Those at risk of or experiencing homelessness must navigate more than 130 different agencies to access services. In order to prevent and end homelessness, we need to move away from disjointed individual responses, and instead build a System of Care.
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Homeless Management Information System

The CHF is working with agencies to implement an electronic system to collect consistent information about Calgary's homeless population throughout the system of care. It will improve research for evidence based decision making, and help shorten the length of time people are homeless. It is essential to the success of the 10 Year Plan.
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Coordinated Access and Assessment

Homeless individuals are not a homogenous population.  Various interventions are designed to successfully meet the needs of different targets groups.  Identifying the needs of the target groups will determine which intervention is the most appropriate for that group.  This is done through the creation and implementation of a Coordinated Access and Assessment program acting as the entry point into the System of Care. Read more