What we do

As the System Planner, the Calgary Homeless Foundation coordinates the overall system of care, manages an IT system, owns housing, funds and supports non-profit agencies and conducts research.

Coordinate the System of Care: We moved away from uncoordinated responses and built a more coordinated and effective System of Care.

Oversee the Homeless Management Information System: This system collects information to make informed decisions, improve services for clients and guide implementation of Calgary’s Plan.

Own Housing: Affordable housing with appropriate support is needed to meet the goals of Calgary’s Plan. We own rental housing and front-line agencies provide support to these tenants.

Fund Programs: We provide public funding to local agencies who deliver prevention and re-housing programs to Calgarians at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Conduct Research: With improved knowledge, we can advocate for changes in mainstream systems, improve the overall system of care and services, and ensure progress toward Calgary’s Plan goals.

Support Agencies: We provide training, scholarships and tools to help agencies with their important work on the front-lines. The Calgary Action Committee on Housing and Homelessness also supports agencies.

We are building a more effective homeless-serving system.