HMIS Users

So far, about 700 agency-staff members in 30 agencies use HMIS. These agencies provide 90 programs.

To get the best picture of homelessness in Calgary, we encourage more organizations to use HMIS. This includes emergency shelters; housing, outreach and prevention programs; and groups in contact with people who are homeless. More participation increases our understanding of clients’ characteristics and needs, helps us better evaluate programs and improves our System of Care.

Considering using HMIS?

Here is the overall process to get started:

  1. Check how you fit into Calgary’s System of Care.
    The program types are:
    • emergency shelters;
    • short-term supportive housing;
    • housing with intensive supports;
    • permanent supportive housing;
    • rapid rehousing;
    • prevention services;
    • outreach;
    • affordable housing; and
    • supportive services.
  2. Contact us via email and we’ll provide you with more details, including going over the contract.
  3. We will then visit your organization to discuss your programs, assign staff access levels, do program assessments for reports and configure your program services.
  4. Your staff will then attend HMIS training.
  5. The final step is to launch HMIS for your agency! 

We are building a more effective homeless-serving system.