Calgary’s Plan

Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness (Plan) was created in 2008 by a multi-stakeholder leadership group. The model of the Plan came from the United States. There are now many cities in Canada implementing Plans.

The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) is the system planner for Calgary’s homeless-serving system of care. It acts as the backbone organization that oversees implementation of Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness along with agencies, businesses, governments, the faith community, donors and all Calgarians. The goal is to develop a more effective homeless-serving system that will end homelessness.

Calgary’s Plan focuses on shortening the stay of those using emergency service through a Housing First model. Housing First sees a person quickly move into appropriate housing where they are provided supports and opportunities to address the issues that led to their homelessness. 

For many people it costs less to provide them with appropriate housing and support compared with them accessing emergency shelters and public systems (hospitals, jails, police, ambulances). Housing First Saves Money! 

During the first seven years of the Plan, solid progress has been made, including

Transparency is important, so we publish our annual goals and report back on our progress

The Plan is updated to reflect what has been learned.

We want to end homelessness to make Calgary a great city for everyone.